Embezzlement Plea for Film Producer
Embezzlement Plea for Film Producer
A local film producer pleaded guilty to embezzlement for his role in the theft of nearly $1.5 million from his business partner. The money represented the proceeds of a film deal.

Julio Caro was charged with embezzling the funds from the Yucaipa Corporate Initiatives Fund over a period of five years. Caro intercepted the proceeds of the deal and transferred it to accounts he controlled privately in New Jersey.

Caro’s film production company, Broken Rose, LLC, entered into a limited partnership with Yucaipa to produce two films, which were later distributed by Warner Brothers. Yucaipa provided much of the funding to produce the films. Warner Brothers gave the distribution proceeds to Caro, who should have forwarded the money to Yucaipa. Instead, Caro redirected the money to pay for his own personal expenses. Caro was arrested and charged with interstate transportation of stolen property. If convicted, he faces a maximum of 10 years in federal prison

Ventura Embezzlement Attorney

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