Embezzlement Halts Work Of Simi Valley Foundation
Embezzlement Halts Work Of Simi Valley Foundation
The Simi Valley Community Foundation suspended operations last month following an embezzlement scandal. Former executive director Joanne Abruzzese pleaded guilty to stealing nearly $50,000 from the organization. She will serve six months in jail and five years’ probation in the case. Abruzzese has already satisfied the $45,000 restitution requirement.

Abruzzese worked for the foundation for four years, and served as its executive director for about half that time. While serving as the director, she used the non-profit’s account to pay her mortgage.

The Simi Valley Community Foundation does not intend to cease operations. Instead, it will review its administrative and financial practices.

Prior to discovering the missing funds, the foundation planned to develop a multi-agency health and human resources center. Once they discovered the theft, the foundation could not retain support for the project. The foundation may still fund agencies that had planned to occupy the center.

Simi Valley Embezzlement Attorney

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