Embezzlement Charge for Simi Valley Director
Embezzlement Charge for Simi Valley Director
After a months-long investigation, the former executive director of the Simi Valley Community Foundation finally faces charges of embezzlement. Joanne Abruzzese, 58, of Simi Valley faces multiple grand theft charges and a single forgery charge.

Prosecutors say that Abruzzese began working for the foundation in 2012. She used the Simi Valley Community Foundation’s checkbook to pay her mortgage. Because checks from the Foundation require two signatures, Abruzzese regularly forged the second signature. Foundation records show that she misused more than $55,000 over a period of two years.

Following her arrest, she was charged and released on a bail of $10,000. She will appear in court again in March. Investigators say that Abruzzese acted alone to steal funds from the foundation. Foundation officers filed an initial complaint with authorities because they discovered accounting irregularities.

The Simi Valley Community Foundation acts as an umbrella organization for a number of charitable organizations in Simi Valley. Initially, the group intended to bring together administrative services for the charities and provide office space in a single location. Due to Abrruzzese’s arrest, many residents now doubt the future of that plan. The Foundation has not yet made a decision about the future of its Under One Roof initiative.

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