Embezzlement Charge for VCSO Deputy
Embezzlement Charge for VCSO Deputy
A Ventura County Sheriff’s Office deputy has been charged with embezzlement and drug possession, after being observed on video surveillance removing drugs from a locked prescription drop off located at the East County Sheriff’s Station. Matthew Volpo, a 22-year veteran of the department was placed on administrative leave, pending the resolution of the matter.

Earlier this month, a department employee noticed a significant reduction in the amount of medication in the bin from the previous day. Video surveillance showed a VCSO employee removing discarded drugs from the bin, using a key that is typically kept at the front desk. Investigation showed that medication had been removed from the bin on several previous occasions in April and May.

Investigators also located prescription medication in a storage compartment of the deputy’s duty motorcycle, and noted that the found medication had not been prescribed to Volpe. The prescription medications found in Volpe’s possession included muscle relaxants, anti-anxiety medications, antiarrhythmics, opioids and Viagra.

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