Embezzlement Charge for OC Foam Exec
Embezzlement Charge for OC Foam Exec
A former executive with an Orange County foam company faces embezzlement charges. The man, who worked as the general manager of the Anaheim company, faces 10 felony counts. He also faces two sentence enhancements in the case. He began working for the company in 1990.

According to investigators, the man sold scrap foam that the company would have otherwise thrown away. He accepted only cash from customers, and did not record the sales on the company’s books. Later, he began ordering raw materials using company accounts and have workers create custom products. He had the customers pay another business owned by a friend for the work.

The diversions may have begun as early as 2007. In late 2014, another employee noticed that the manager accepted cash from a customer, but did not report it. Ultimately, investigators found that the man transferred more than a dozen of the company’s customers away from the business. They estimate the loss to the business to be nearly $200,000.

Ventura Embezzlement Lawyer

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