DUI Suspect Crashes into Patrol Car
DUI Suspect Crashes into Patrol Car
A Ventura woman faces DUI charges after crashing into a California Highway Patrol car. A CHP officer began following the woman’s car on Highway 101 after observing erratic behavior. When the officer attempted to stop the woman, she crashed into a car at a Ventura intersection. The woman continued to drive following the first collision. She struck a CHP officer’s car shortly after. The CHP officer was not injured.

A passenger in the woman’s car received minor injuries in the first collision. Officers arrested the woman. She faces charges of felony drunk driving causing injury, evading an officer causing injury and disobeying a court order. According to court records, the woman has a previous conviction for a DUI in Ventura. Authorities released her after she posted a $105,000 bond. She will return to court on August 2nd, for matters related to her case.

Ventura DUI attorney

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Photo Credit: Bill Abbott, via Flickr.com

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