DUI Charge For Ventura Teen
DUI Charge For Ventura Teen
A 19-year-old Ventura resident faces charges for a DUI in Ventura earlier this month. Authorities arrested the man following a crash in a Ventura neighborhood. According to witnesses, the man hit two parked vehicles and also rolled his car over in a driveway. When police arrived, they said the man appeared to be drunk. They performed field sobriety tests and arrested him for DUI.

A breath-alcohol test showed that the man was driving with a blood-alcohol content greater than .08%. Authorities arrested the man at the scene after determining that he had not injured himself in the crash.

Ventura DUI attorney

Underage drinking and driving can result in serious consequences. When you face a drunk driving charge in Ventura County, hire an experienced local DUI attorney to assist you. Drunk driving is a serious offense, but most DUI cases in California result only in misdemeanor charges.

Even a misdemeanor charge can cost thousands of dollars, and result in jail time, license suspension, driver retraining and other sanctions. If convicted, the Court could force you to install an expensive interlock device on your car’s ignition system. You could lose your license or drive with restricted driving privileges for months – or longer.

The DMV’s administrative process immediately suspends your driver’s license upon arrest. The criminal proceeding against you could result in additional suspension of driving privileges or other sanctions.

Many people who have a drunk driving arrest assume that there is nothing they can do to improve their situation. Worse, many people come to court without professional representation with predictably disastrous results. Don’t attempt to defend yourself in court and don’t assume that there’s nothing you can do.

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