DUI Arrest in Thousand Oaks Motorcycle Crash
DUI Arrest in Thousand Oaks Motorcycle Crash
The California Highway Patrol arrested a 57 year-old Thousand Oaks motorcyclist for DUI after he failed to negotiate a curve on the Lynn Road on-ramp to Highway 101 last week. The motorcyclist lost control of his bike and crashed into a 33 year-old worker from Sylmar who was performing highway landscaping maintenance at the time of the accident.

DUI Accident Investigation Closed Ramp For Hours

The worker suffered significant injuries in the crash and was hospitalized with a broken leg and pelvis. The cyclist suffered only minor injuries in the accident and was arrested on suspicion of DUI. The accident, which occurred at about 9:45 am on December 1, closed the Lynn Road on-ramp for about 5 hours while officers investigated the accident.

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Photo Credit: Nicholas Sales, via FreeImages.com

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