DUI Arrest for Rams CB
DUI Arrest for Rams CB
Los Angeles Rams’ cornerback Troy Hill was arrested last week on suspicion of DUI. Hill, a Camarillo resident, was arrested following a traffic accident in Encino. According to witnesses, Hill, who had been driving in the left lane of Highway 101 unexpectedly swerved to the far right lane of the roadway and collided with the rear end of a semi-trailer.

Officers responding to the collision conducted field sobriety tests on Hill, and subsequently arrested him. His bail was set at $15,000 and he was released from custody later that afternoon. Hill was charged with misdemeanor DUI because no one was injured in the crash.

Hill has no previous history of DUI, but he has been arrested in the past for threatening a former girlfriend while still in college in Oregon, and was given three years of probation in that incident.

Experienced Ventura DUI attorney

DUI arrests are expensive, time-consuming and can significantly affect your life. The potential negative impact of a DUI arrest and/or conviction should be enough to convince you to hire an experienced DUI attorney like Robert Helfend.

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Drunk driving arrests have immediate consequences. Unlike other arrests, where you’re subject only to a legal process, with a DUI, you’re also subject to an administrative process. The administrative process is immediate and separate from your criminal process. Upon arrest, your driver’s license will be confiscated immediately and replaced with a temporary license. To have your license reinstated, you must appear at a DMV hearing. Even when you appear at the administrative hearing, your license may remain suspended. This suspension is separate from any suspension that the court may impose when your criminal matter is heard.

Your criminal process may result in a jail or prison term, fines, driving restrictions or additional license suspension, additional requirements (such as interlock devices attached to your car) and driver retraining or re-education among others. You can also be liable for civil suits arising from any accidents or property damage that occur while driving under the influence. Excellent legal representation is the key to a manageable, equitable and reasonable result for a drunk driving arrest.

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Photo Credit: Daniel R. Blume, via Flickr.com

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