Drunk driving checkpoints net 4
Drunk driving checkpoints net 4
Drunk driving checkpoints in Ventura and Oxnard resulted in the arrests of four persons last weekend. Ventura police report that a drunk driving checkpoint set up at Main and Callens screened more than 1,200 vehicles between 8:00 PM Friday January 22 and 2:30 AM Saturday, January 23. One person was arrested on suspicion of DUI and one person was arrested on drug charges. An additional 12 people were cited for driving without a license or driving on a suspended license.

Drunk driving checkpoints contact nearly 2000 drivers

Oxnard police also established two DUI checkpoints in that city between 8:00 PM Friday and 3:00 AM Saturday morning. Police at those checkpoints screened a total of 730 drivers and arrested two drivers on suspicion of DUI. A number of other drivers were cited for various infractions, including driving with no license or driving on a suspended license.

According to the California Office of Traffic Safety, 8,217 people were arrested for DUI in 2013 in Los Angeles County. Of the 29,032 traffic accidents that involved injuries or deaths that year, 2,381 (8.2%) involved at least one impaired driver. Because the number of DUI arrests is increasing, cities are renewing their efforts to identify and arrest people suspected of drunk driving.

Drunk driving arrests can be extremely expensive. In addition to risking jail time, a conviction can also result in fines, the loss of your driver license, expensive mandatory ignition interlocks, lost income or lost employment, increased car insurance rates, other driving restrictions, and driver retraining. The consequences and costs increase with repeated convictions.

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