Drug possession investigation nets Newhall man
Drug possession investigation nets Newhall man
Ventura County Sheriff’s deputies arrested a Newhall man and charged him with drug possession for sale. Investigators believe the man supplied methamphetamine in Ventura County.

Following the man’s arrest, deputies recovered nearly a pound of methamphetamine from the man’s car. They also discovered 2 ounces of heroin and a large amount of cash. Prosecutors charged him with two counts of possession of a controlled substance for sale. He also faces misdemeanor charges of giving false information to a police officer as well as driving without a license. Los Angeles County has also issued an arrest warrant for the same man, using a known alias.

The man is being held at the Ventura County Jail on an $86,000 bond. He will appear in court again next week. In addition to officers from the Ventura County Sheriff’s Department, the Oxnard Police Department and the California National Guard also participated in the investigation.

Ventura County Drug Possession Attorney

California recently changed its sentencing approach for certain drug crimes. Drug possession for sale, however, is still treated more seriously. That’s why you need an experienced Ventura County drug possession attorney like Robert Helfend. Mr. Helfend practices criminal defense exclusively, and takes drug cases in Ventura County.

A felony conviction of any kind, including one for drug possession for sale, can raise the stakes for you in California. Thanks to the state’s Three Strikes Law, having one felony conviction means longer sentences for subsequent convictions. Conviction for a third, violent felony means spending the rest of your life in prison.

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Photo Credit: Richard Maddock, via Flickr.com

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