Drug possession investigation leads to Oxnard Arrests
Drug possession investigation leads to Oxnard Arrests
Ventura County investigators arrested an Oxnard couple for drug possession and other violations. Authorities conducted a months-long investigation into methamphetamine sales in the county. They developed information about the suspect, and pulled him over in a traffic stop.

Authorities searched the car and found methamphetamine and other evidence of drug sales. They arrested a 24-year-old woman who was in the car with the suspect, but later released her. Deputies searched the man’s home and a rented storage locker. During the search, they recovered nearly a pound of methamphetamine, drug paraphernalia and a large amount of cash. They also found items used in the sale of drugs.

Authorities have charged him with two counts of felony drug possession for sale and one count of transporting drugs for sale. He also faces charges on three special allegations related to prior felony convictions and the amount of methamphetamine involved. The suspect remains jailed on a $200,000 bond. He returned to court on April 25 for matters related to the case.

Oxnard Drug possession Attorney

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