Drug Possession Charges Hit Ventura Pair
Drug Possession Charges Hit Ventura Pair
Ventura Police say they’ve arrested two people for drug possession. The arrests followed a code inspection of a home previously targeted for drug activity. Two residents of the home also recently pleaded guilty to maintaining a place of drug use.

Officers raided the home and initially detained six occupants, but released four people following the raid. Police found an outstanding arrest warrant for one of the home’s occupants. The other man faces charges of possession of methamphetamine. Police also recovered small amounts of heroin and cocaine during the raid. Police will submit a bag found during the raid for forensic testing to attempt to identify the owner. Additional charges could be filed against the occupants pending the test results.

In addition to finding numerous code violations, officers also found a significant amount of drug paraphernalia throughout the house. The house has been the subject of numerous drug investigations in the past. Investigators say that it’s clear that the home is still a site of drug activity in the neighborhood.

Ventura Drug Possession Attorney

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Photo Credit: West Midlands Police, via Flickr.com

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