Drug possession Charge for Ventura Marijuana Thief
Drug possession Charge for Ventura Marijuana Thief
A Ventura man faces drug possession charges after stealing 50 pounds of marijuana. According to the Santa Barbara County Sheriff’s Department, a Ventura man and a San Diego woman burglarized a local marijuana farm.

Workers at a local orchard discovered that a fence on their property had been damaged overnight. The fence separates the orchard from a marijuana farm next door. Later, police determined that thieves accessed the marijuana farm after cutting a hole in the orchard’s fence.

Investigators identified suspects in the burglary and then located the suspects at a Carpinteria motel. Inside the motel room, deputies found the stolen marijuana. They also found drug paraphernalia, methamphetamine, burglary tools, live marijuana plants, and other stolen property.

Authorities have since charged the pair with drug possession, burglary, possession of drug paraphernalia and possession of burglary tools. They also face vandalism and conspiracy charges.

Ventura drug possession attorney

When you face multiple felony charges for drug crimes, hire an experienced drug possession lawyer like Robert Helfend. Mr. Helfend has nearly 35 years of criminal courtroom defense experience. He takes cases in Ventura County and throughout Southern California.

While drug laws in California have changed for the individual user, drug possession for sale is still a serious offense. In California, possession of more than a pound of certain drugs can result in a sentence of up to 99 years in prison!

That’s why you need an experienced criminal defense attorney by your side. Even with the possibility of parole, drug sentences in California can result in lifetime incarceration. Don’t risk your freedom on an inexperienced attorney or one who won’t fight for your rights in court.

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