Drug Possession Charge for Sylmar Man
Drug Possession Charge for Sylmar Man
Simi Valley authorities charged a 24-year-old Sylmar man with drug possession after interrupting a large delivery of methamphetamine. Police conducted a traffic stop because they identified the man as a significant potential source of the drug in Ventura County.

During the search, police discovered 2 pounds of methamphetamine. Following the man’s arrest, police also served a search warrant on his home. During the second search, they discovered additional quantities of methamphetamine, cocaine and cash. The man posted bail and will return to court in early May.

Simi Valley Drug Possession Lawyer

California’s Proposition 47 changed the way California treats some drug crimes. Unfortunately, Proposition 47 did not change the way the law treats drug trafficking. Hire an experienced drug possession lawyer to defend you if you’re charged with drug possession involving non-personal quantities of drugs.

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Photo Credit: Simi Valley Police Department

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