Drug Possession Charge Stems From Santa Paula Traffic Stop
Drug Possession Charge Stems From Santa Paula Traffic Stop
A Santa Paula man faces charges of drug possession for sale following a traffic stop there. According to Santa Paula police, an officer observed the man making an unsafe left turn. The officer initiated a traffic stop.

During the stop, the officer noted drug paraphernalia visible inside the vehicle. The officer arrested the driver and performed a search of the vehicle. Inside, the officer located 26 grams of methamphetamine, 21 grams of heroin, a number of drug pipes and a large sum of cash. They also found a switchblade.

The suspect faces two counts of felony drug possession for sale, and a misdemeanor count of possession of drug paraphernalia. He also faces a misdemeanor weapons charge for the knife. In addition, prosecutors have made four special allegations related to the man’s previous criminal history.

A judge initially set the man’s bail at $130,000, but later reduced it to $70,000. He remains in custody and will return to court on March 13 for matters related to his case.

Santa Paula Drug Possession Lawyer

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About 40% of California’s currently incarcerated population has at least one drug-related conviction. Although the state has recently relaxed penalties for certain drug crimes, possession for sale and heroin possession aren’t among them.

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