DUI Crash in Simi Valley Leads To Arrest
DUI Crash in Simi Valley Leads To Arrest
A Compton woman faces drug possession charges related to a fatal Moorpark overdose. Investigators say the 30-year-old woman provided the drugs to the victim.

At the time of her arrest in September, police found her in possession of illegal drugs and drug paraphernalia. Prosecutors initially charged her with a single felony count of possession for sale, and six misdemeanor counts. They included possession of a controlled substance, possession of drug paraphernalia and being under the influence of a controlled substance. Later, she pleaded guilty to the felony count of possession for sale. In exchange, the court will dismiss the remaining misdemeanor counts at sentencing.

She returns to court on November 13 to complete her arraignment hearing. The woman remains jailed in lieu of a $57,500 bond.

Moorpark Drug Possession Lawyer

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Drug crimes in California also have new significance, since Proposition 47 took effect. Certain drug convictions can be reduced or removed from your record. Prosecutors now look for opportunities to charge for crimes that don’t qualify for reduced treatment.

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