Drug Possession Charge For Oxnard Man
Drug Possession Charge For Oxnard Man
An Oxnard man faces charges following an arrest in Santa Barbara for drug possession. According to authorities, they raided a local motel room earlier this month. Inside, they found a large quantity of illegal narcotics, including methamphetamine and heroin. They also found $7,000 in cash, drug paraphernalia, weapons and supplies associated with drug dealing.

Police arrested two men – one from Santa Barbara and one from Oxnard. They face charges of methamphetamine possession for sale and heroin possession for sale. The Santa Barbara resident also had two outstanding felony warrants for possessing a stolen vehicle. Police recovered the suspected stolen car at the motel.

The Oxnard resident received a bond of $30,000. He will return to court on February 8 for arraignment. The other suspect remains jailed without bail. In addition to the two suspects, police cited four other individuals at the motel room for minor possession offenses.

Oxnard Drug Possession Lawyer

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While the state has altered the way it handles some drug cases, possession for sale is still treated harshly. If you’ve been arrested on suspicion of dealing drugs, you’re highly likely to face felony charges. A first time offense may not produce a significant penalty. Don’t be deceived, however. Repeated felony convictions in California can eventually result in lifetime incarceration! That’s why it’s important to work with an experienced, aggressive criminal defense attorney who will fight for your rights.

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Photo Credit: NC Department of Public Safety, via Flickr.com

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