Drug possession charge arises from Oxnard traffic stop
Drug possession charge arises from Oxnard traffic stop
An Oxnard man faces drug possession and weapons charges following an early morning traffic stop. Oxnard police say an officer stopped a vehicle for a code violation. During the stop, the officer discovered that the man was driving on a suspended license.

Upon searching the vehicle, the officer discovered a loaded firearm and arrested the driver. In addition, the search also produced a controlled substance. The man now faces felony drug possession charges with a firearm. He also faces misdemeanor charges of possessing a firearm with an altered or removed serial number and carrying a loaded firearm.

He posted a $50,000 bail, but he will return to court for arraignment on the charges this week.

Oxnard drug possession attorney

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Avoiding felony charges is exceptionally important, especially in California. The state’s Three Strikes Law poses a serious threat to citizens. A history of felony convictions can put you in prison for life under this law.

An aggressive criminal defense attorney can help you by getting charges against you reduced or dropped. Your attorney can also help get evidence against you excluded, particularly if it came from a legally questionable search.

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