Drug possession arrests in TO
Drug possession arrests in TO
Ventura County Sheriff’s deputies reported nearly a dozen arrests for
drug possession and related crimes in Thousand Oaks one week last month.

Most of the arrests involved individuals who were found to be in possession of illegal drugs and drug paraphernalia. Some individuals were also arrested for operating a motor vehicle while under the influence of drugs.

Drug possession lawyer

Simple drug possession is symptomatic of a health issue, and while you can be charged with possession of illegal drugs, the State of California is less interested in prosecuting the arrested person than they are in helping them leave the drug world behind.

Possession charges are determined based upon the quantity of illegal drugs in a person’s possession at the time of the arrest. You can also face different sanctions based upon the type of drug in your possession when you are arrested. Marijuana, PCP and methamphetamine are examples of drugs that are treated differently from other illegal substances under California. Additional sanctions can be applied if you are arrested in close proximity to a school.

Simple drug possession charges can be brought against you if you are in possession of illegal drugs, but no evidence that you intended to sell the drugs exists. You can also be charged with drug possession if you are arrested with the raw materials used to manufacture illegal substances.

Possession for sale is a felony. Prosecutors bring this charge when they believe they have the evidence to suggest you were in possession of drugs because you intended to sell them. When this is the case, you are at risk of spending years in a state prison.

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