Drug Possession Arrest Nets Weapons Cache
Drug Possession Arrest Nets Weapons Cache
Ventura police recently arrested a suspect fordrug possession. As part of their investigation into the suspect’s alleged drug sales, they obtained a search warrant for the suspect’s home. During the home search, they were surprised to find a weapons cache.

Police initially spotted a suspected drug dealer in his vehicle, so they arrested him on two outstanding felony warrants. When police arrested him, the suspect had more than an ounce of methamphetamine in his possession. Upon obtaining a search warrant, the police searched the suspect’s home. Inside they located additional quantities of methamphetamine, a large quantity of cash and nearly 50 firearms.

Police arrested another resident of the home during the raid. According to them, the second resident had a small quantity of methamphetamine. Police said that the second suspect kept many of the weapons unsecured in his bedroom.

The initial suspect will return to court this week to face drug possession charges and felony firearm charges. He will also face matters related to his outstanding warrants. The second suspect does not currently face charges in the matter.

Ventura Drug Possession Lawyer

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California law imposes stiff penalties for repeat felony convictions. A third conviction for a violent felony can land you in prison for life. When you face felony charges, your future is literally on the line. Don’t settle for an inexperienced attorney or one who won’t fight aggressively on your behalf.

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