Drug possession arrest nets four Ventura residents
Drug possession arrest nets four Ventura residents
Ventura County Sheriff’s deputies arrested four city residents on suspicion of drug possession for sale. According to deputies, narcotics investigators had been monitoring the home of a subject suspected of selling drugs. They witnessed the subject conducting a drug sale in a vehicle parked outside of his home.

Once the suspected sale was complete, deputies conducted a traffic stop and arrested two women inside the car. Both women were on probation at the time of the traffic stop. Additionally, they both had outstanding warrants for their arrests. A search of the vehicle produced two ounces of methamphetamine and a small quantity of heroin prepared for sale.

Later, deputies conducted a second traffic stop of a man who had just left the investigation subject’s home. They arrested the driver of that vehicle, who also had a warrant out for his arrest. Upon searching the vehicle, deputies discovered drug paraphernalia and a small quantity of methamphetamine. They arrested the man on the outstanding warrant.

Deputies returned to the subject’s home and found him in a vehicle parked near his home. They searched the vehicle and recovered nearly a kilogram of methamphetamine, a small amount of heroin and cash. Deputies arrested the suspect and booked him into the Ventura County Jail. He was later released without being charged. The remaining three suspects remain jailed on the outstanding warrants and probation violations. They will return to court later this month to address the arrest warrants.

Ventura drug possession attorney

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Prosecutors love drug crimes because they represent easy convictions and long sentences. Without an aggressive attorney fighting for the defendant, this statement could be very true. In many cases, a prosecutor’s entire case rests on the legality of a search. If the search is not conducted properly, any evidence found during that search must be thrown out. Often, this makes a prosecutor’s case collapse.

Without an experienced defense attorney to challenge a prosecutor’s case, or the legality of searches, a defendant can find himself on a quick route to prison. That’s why you need to have an attorney by your side throughout the judicial process. An experienced attorney knows how to protect your rights. Don’t assume that you can represent yourself in court, and don’t admit to anything without consulting a lawyer first.

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Photo Credit: Craig Dietrich, via Flickr.com

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