Drug possession arrest for Moorpark man
Drug possession arrest for Moorpark man
A Moorpark man was arrested and charged with drug possession after police were called to a home to investigate a person under the influence of a controlled substance. While at the home, police found more than 250 Xanax pills, more than half of a gram of methamphetamine and heroin. In addition, Derek Conte, 27, was carrying a large sum of cash, all in $20 bills. The cash was later determined to be counterfeit.

Conte was also believed to be under the influence of a controlled substance at the time of his arrest.

The timeframe of Conte’s arrest coincided with reports from businesses receiving counterfeit $20 bills in Thousand Oaks and Moorpark. Police later served a search warrant on Conte’s residence and discovered a large cache of counterfeit $20 bills with a combined value of $2,200. Police are attempting to determine whether the counterfeit money reported by the businesses can be connected directly to Conte.

Conte was arrested on September 8 and lodged at the Ventura County Jail. He posted bail on September 9 and was released.

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Photo Credit: Steve Pomeroy, via Flickr.com

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