Domestic Violence Suspect Dies in VC Jail
Domestic Violence Suspect Dies in VC Jail
A man lodged in the Ventura County Jail for violating a domestic violence restraining order died last month while in custody. Police arrested the man, Michael Larios Torres, on October 5. He remained jailed while awaiting a court appearance. Jail officials found the man unresponsive in his cell on October 25.

Despite receiving treatment by emergency personnel, the man died at the jail. Police later indicated that Torres died as the result of blunt force trauma and compression to his neck. Officials ruled the death a homicide and charged the man’s cellmate, Vu Cong Dao, 35 of Palmdale, with murder.

Police arrested Dao for felony burglary and misdemeanor vandalism. While in custody, jail officials also charged Dao with resisting an executive officer and battery upon an officer. Two days later, Dao allegedly assaulted Torres, resulting in his death.

Dao remains in custody on a $2 million bond and will return to court on November 26 for matters related to his cases.

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