Domestic Violence Suspect Convicted in 2013 Rape
Domestic Violence Suspect Convicted in 2013 Rape
A Ventura man could spend 58 years to life in prison for rape and domestic violence . A jury convicted the man of the 2013 assault of his former girlfriend. They also found true the special allegation of kidnapping.

According to authorities, the incidents took place in Oxnard, Port Hueneme and Ventura. Police say the man forced his way into the victim’s home in the early morning hours of June 23, 2013. He then beat the woman and forced her into his vehicle. The suspect sexually assaulted her at a second location, then drove the woman to the hospital. Then, he fled the area. The man had previously made criminal threats toward the woman and was the subject of a domestic violence restraining order.

Authorities initially arrested the man in November 2013, but a series of delays pushed the trial date to February. The defendant will return to court in April for sentencing.

Ventura Domestic Violence Lawyer

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Each domestic assault case is different, but many couples and families don’t want to complete the judicial process. When this describes your situation, you want to have an experienced criminal defense lawyer by your side. If your case includes other charges, or you have a history of abuse convictions, you definitely need professional representation.

Mr. Helfend does not judge his clients based on the charges against them. He simply works hard to get the charges against them reduced or dropped. This can be invaluable in California, where the state’s Three Strikes Law can double sentence lengths.

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