Domestic Violence Restraining Order Nets Oxnard Man
Domestic Violence Restraining Order Nets Oxnard Man
Camarillo police arrested an Oxnard man and charged him with violating a domestic violence restraining order. Police investigated the man after receiving a complaint from the subject’s ex-wife that he had violated a restraining order.

They investigated the complaint and found that the man had likely violated the court order as many as six times in a six-week period in multiple Ventura County jurisdictions. During those encounters, police said that the man threatened his former wife.

Prosecutors charged him with felony stalking and four misdemeanor counts of violating the restraining order. He will appear in Ventura County Superior Court again on May 8.

Oxnard Domestic Violence Lawyer

Domestic abuse cases can be complicated. In addition to charges that may arise from a particular incident, you may become the subject of a restraining order. Given the specifics of your circumstances, adhering to the terms of a restraining order is essential. It also underscores the need to work with an experienced domestic violence lawyer like Robert Helfend.

Prosecutors in California can file domestic abuse and stalking charges as felonies or misdemeanors. The distinction is important because felony convictions put you at an ongoing risk of long-term incarceration, thanks to California’s Three Strikes Law. It also provides your lawyer with the opportunity to reduce charges against you. This can mean the difference between getting on with your life and incarceration.

An experienced criminal defense attorney can help you work through the adjudication process. You want the right results. Sometimes, the only way to achieve that is with the help of an aggressive criminal defense attorney.

Don’t work with an inexperienced attorney, especially when your freedom is on the line.

Contact Robert Helfend or call toll-free at (800) 834-6434, (805) 273-5611, (310) 456-3317 or (818) 591-2809 for an immediate consultation on your Ventura County domestic violence case.

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