Domestic Violence Center Planned for Ventura County
Domestic Violence Center Planned for Ventura County
Ventura County is considering the creation of a Family Justice Center to address the needs of victims of domestic violence . The center, which has not been formally approved, would be a “one-stop shop” for social services related to domestic abuse. As envisioned, the center could provide legal, medical and mental health assistance from a single location.

According to the Ventura County Human Services Agency, more than 7,000 domestic violence incidents occurred in the county in 2015-16.

The Center, if approved and opened, may also provide a space for video testimony in domestic abuse cases. That could allow victims to testify without being physically present in court. In addition, the Center could provide space for evidence collection in cases of physical abuse, sexual assault or physical crimes against vulnerable victims.

Plans for the Center are still in the exploratory stages. There is no firm indication that such a place would be built or created in existing construction. However, the discussion follows a national model that has successfully created family justice centers in other US cities.

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