Domestic Assault Charge for TX Man
Domestic Assault Charge for TX Man
Ventura police arrested a Texas man earlier this year, after finding him in a vehicle with an injured female companion. Police responded to the area after being advised of a female who had left an area home with her husband, after having been injured in a domestic assault.

Domestic assault tip led to arrest

Police searched the area and stopped a vehicle matching the description provided by the witness. Fred Norris, 57, was arrested after officers observed the injured female. She refused medical treatment. During the stop, police searched the vehicle and discovered a loaded handgun. Norris has been charged with domestic assault and being in possession of a loaded firearm in a vehicle.

If you’ve been arrested on domestic assault charges, or weapons charges, Ventura criminal defense attorney Robert Helfend can take your case. Mr. Helfend has more than 30 of years of experience in criminal defense and takes domestic violence cases in Ventura County.

The courts frequently rely on attorneys to help determine the actual events that led up to a domestic assault arrest. Without an experienced criminal defense attorney by your side, overzealous prosecutors can turn innocent actions against you. Mr. Helfend has assembled a team of domestic assault experts who can help the courts separate situations in which domestic violence charges are overreaching from those that are simple yet lawful disputes between adults in a domestic relationship.

Mr. Helfend also defends against weapons charges, child abuse, child endangerment charges and restraining order violations that often accompany domestic violence charges. Prosecutors often file multiple charges in the hope of getting at least one to stick. They can also put significant pressure on spouses and partners who either didn’t want to bring charges forward or who wish to retract the statements they made to police and prosecutors at the time of the domestic violence arrest.

Mr. Helfend will never judge you based upon what you’ve been charged with. Instead, he will work with you to get the charges against you reduced or dropped. He works hard to defend your freedom and protect the integrity of your family.

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