Child endangerment in Fillmore
Child endangerment in Fillmore
Two Fillmore sisters were arrested on child endangerment charges after they left a two-year-old boy strapped into a stroller on Los Serenos Drive. A Ventura County Sheriff’s deputy discovered the boy while on patrol. He asked two people nearby about the boy, initially presuming them to be the boys’ parents. They reported that two women who had been with the boy had argued, and left in opposite directions, leaving the boy behind.

Sisters accused of child endangerment

The deputy took the child to the Fillmore Station and called Child Protective Services, which took custody of the boy. Deputies eventually identified the boy’s mother and aunt as the two women who had left the boy by the roadside. The boy’s mother, 29-year-old Marisela Aguilar, and his aunt, 31-year-old Elida Aguilar, were arrested on felony endangerment charges. Marisela Aguilar also had an outstanding warrant for her arrest on unrelated charges. The boy has been placed in the care of a relative.

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