Camarillo Sex Crimes Sweep
Camarillo Sex Offender Sweep
The Ventura County Sheriff’s Office targeted sex offenders last week in a compliance sweep of people convicted of sex crimes in Camarillo and Thousand Oaks. Deputies made contact with 60 of 80 registered sex offenders to verify that they were properly registered. The addresses of an additional 18 of 20 offenders were verified, but they were not directly contacted by police because they were not at home at the time of the compliance check. Two sex offenders had moved out of town, and deputies will be following up with those offenders to ensure that they are properly registered in their new residences.

Sex crimes lawyer will fight for you

If you’ve been arrested for sex crimes, including sex crime involving children, Ventura County sex crimes lawyer Robert Helfend will take your case. Some criminal defense attorneys don’t want to take sex crimes cases because it can be very difficult to defend a person against criminal sexual conduct charges.

Sex offenses are very personal attacks on the victim, and the process the court uses to establish guilt or innocence can take a very real toll on everyone involved. Juries are often pre-disposed to sympathy for the victim. Sometimes their focus on the victim and the victim’s experience makes it difficult for the jury to see the facts of the case. A good sex crimes lawyer understands and respects the position of the victim, but also works hard to make the jury see the actual evidence and how well (or poorly) it supports the prosecution’s assertions of guilt.

Mr. Helfend does not judge his clients based upon what they’ve been accused of. He’ll fight for your rights in court and will work aggressively to get the charges against you reduced or dropped. Sex offenses, especially those involving children, have devastating lifetime consequences. They will interfere with your ability to find a place to live and find gainful employment. Sexual offenders are required to register on the state’s sex offender list, and that registration will follow you from state to state. You cannot get away from a sex crimes conviction, no matter where you go.

Avoiding repeat convictions is also important because each conviction under the state’s three strikes law moves you one step closer to lifetime imprisonment and changes the mandatory minimum sentence for second convictions. Minimizing and eliminating potential convictions is so important, and it shows why you need an aggressive criminal defense attorney like Robert Helfend in your corner. If you’ve been arrested for sex crimes of any kind, don’t wait. Start your criminal defense immediately by contacting an experienced sex crimes lawyer.

Contact Robert Helfend or call toll-free at (800) 834-6434, (805) 273-5611, (310) 456-3317 or (818) 591-2809 for an immediate consultation on your Ventura County sex crimes case.

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