Camarillo heroin arrest follows death
Camarillo heroin arrest follows death
A Camarillo man was the subject of a heroin arrest last month on suspicion of possession of heroin for sale. The heroin arrest followed a series of events that led to the death of a 43-year-old Oxnard man. Oxnard police were called to a home in response to a medial call. Officers discovered a man who was unresponsive at that address. Evidence of heroin overdose was found at the scene, but medical responders were unable to resuscitate the man.

Heroin arrest, search yields additional drug evidence

Based on other evidence at the scene, police believe that Floyd Johnson, 42, of Camarillo supplied the dead man with the lethal dose of heroin. Following the victim’s death, police located Johnson selling drugs near a local shopping center. When the heroin arrest was executed, Johnson was found with a quantity of heroin in his possession. Additional evidence was recovered during a search of Johnson’s car, following the heroin arrest.

Pending the results of the autopsy and the toxicology report, Johnson could face manslaughter or another drug charge. Possession of heroin for sale charges, drug dealing resulting in great bodily harm and manslaughter are far more serious than standard drug possession charges, since they are all felonies. These crimes carry longer sentences, vary based on the quantity attributed to you at the point of the heroin arrest and can include significant fines.

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