identity-theft-and-credit-cardA lengthy probation period was issued to a Californian woman who had been using stolen credit card information taken from Montgomery County residents back in 2012.

Forty-two-year-old Cherie Termine of Ventura, California, was sentenced by Judge Thomas Rodgers to five years of probation after she pled guilty to charges of access device fraud, identity theft, and criminal conspiracy. Termine was also ordered to pay restitution in one of the cases for $1,705. Thirty-six hours of community service were also issued on top of her probation.

Back on Oct. 1, 2012, investigations began when the Valley Forge Casino Resort was approached by Master Card Company about a fraudulent charge of $800 that was made in September. The owner of the credit card filed an affidavit stating he did not authorize the use of his credit card by anyone at the hotel.

On Oct. 19th, 2012, Upper Providence Police were informed of guests using stolen credit card information at the Hilton Garden Inn on Cresson Boulevard. A hotel employee informed law enforcement officers that two women claiming to be mother and daughter checked in Oct. 14th and had stayed for several nights. The woman claiming to be the daughter checked in as Nicole Klicka of Norristown. The two women charged $1500 worth of services and room fees. Termine was taken into custody at the hotel. The hotel was later contacted by Master Card Company who explained that the charges were fraudulent and that the account belonged to an Ohio resident who did not authorize the use of his credit card.

On Oct. 26th, 2012, a Florida woman called Lower Providence Police saying her card had been charged $114 at a Pizza Hut on Oct. 10th, and that the charges were not of her making or anybody she knew. Further investigations revealed that the signed name for the purchases did not match the name of the card holder.

Termine later admitted to using stolen credit card information to pay for the hotel in September. She also admitted to stealing credit card information before moving from California to Philadelphia. Just a day after her confession, she also admitted to making purchases at Pizza Hut with fraudulent credit card information.

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