California man faces caffeine DUI
California man faces caffeine DUI
A Fairfield, CA man was charged with DUI by prosecutors in Solano County in Northern California following a traffic stop there in August 2015. Joseph Schwab was arrested by officers who said that he seemed “amped up” and that his pupils were dilated.

Officers searched Schwab’s car and found nutritional supplements, but no illegal substances or other intoxicants. Deputies administered a blood test, which came back negative for all substances except caffeine. The district attorney’s office was initially willing to proceed with the impaired driving charge, under the belief that Schwab was impaired by an unknown substance that was not tested for at the time of his arrest.

After consulting with forensic toxicologists, the DA rescinded the charge, saying that she no longer believed that she could demonstrate beyond a reasonable doubt that Schwab was impaired. She said, however, that Schwab would still face a charge of reckless driving.

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