Bystander nabs Oxnard sex crimes suspect
Bystander nabs Oxnard sex crimes suspect
An Oxnard resident heard a woman crying for help last week and saw a suspect fleeing the area. He then followed the man until Oxnard police arrived. They detained the suspect on suspicion of sex crimes including sexual battery on a woman.

According to police, the victim said a man attacked her as she was walking down the street around 1:40 PM. He restrained her and assaulted her. She broke away from the suspect and ran away. Following the arest, the victim positively identified the suspect, whom police later identified as Luis Borunda, 25.

They arrested Borunda and charged him with felony sexual battery. Ventura County Jail records show that he left the jail on February 26, and is due back in court on March 13.

Oxnard sex crimes lawyer

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A sex crimes conviction often leads to enlistment on the state’s sex offender registry. Sex offender status can prevent you from finding appropriate housing or employment. Employers often fire workers who have been accused of sexual offenses, even before they’re convicted of a crime. Sex offender registration often follows you for life. Even if you leave the State of California, you must register as a sex offender in your new city of residence.

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