Attempted Murder Plea in Oxnard
Attempted Homicide Plea in Oxnard
An Oxnard man pleaded no contest to the attempted murder of a former Ventura mayor, Greg Carson. Alejandro Valdez also pleaded no contest to residential robbery, which occurred in an incident related to the attempted killing. Initially, Valdez had pleaded not guilty to both charges, but changed his plea on both counts. According to police, Carson was shot after he interrupted a burglary at his home last fall. Police also indicated that the shooting had nothing to do with Carson’s previous service as mayor, and that Carson and Valdez knew each other prior to the shooting.

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Homicide cases rest entirely on the evidence, but the stakes are exceptionally high. A conviction on murder charges can result in a life sentence, with or without parole, or worse, a death sentence. Witness testimony, DNA evidence, surveillance footage, forensic evidence and expert testimony all play a role in a murder trial. Each of these types of evidence can be defeated, but it takes a skilled, experienced attorney to bring together the resources you need to protect your freedom and defend yourself successfully in court.

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Homicide is the most serious criminal charge you can face. You need an exceptional defense to avoid the most serious penalties the law allows. When you’re accused of homicide in any degree, don’t rely on inexperienced criminal defense lawyers or court-appointed defenders.

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