Attempted Murder Charge in Newbury Park Assault
Attempted Murder Charge in Newbury Park Assault
A Los Angeles woman faces charges of attempted murder for an assault at a Newbury Park hotel. According to the Ventura County Sheriff’s Office, deputies responded to a domestic assault complaint at the hotel. When they arrived, they found a 26-year-old Los Angeles woman beating a 63-year-old Oxnard man.

The pair had also been in an altercation earlier. A witness to the assault said that the woman said she was going to kill the victim. Officers arrested the woman and then booked her into the Ventura County Jail. The Sheriff’s office did not say what the fight was about, or how the two people were related. The woman remains jailed in lieu of a $500,000 bond. She will return to court on August 29 for arraignment.

Newbury Park murder lawyer

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