Attempted Murder Arrest in El Rio Shooting
Attempted Murder Arrest in El Rio Shooting
Police arrested a Ventura man on suspicion of attempted murder in an El Rio weekend shooting. Hospital staff at St. John’s Regional Medical Center in Oxnard informed police that they were treating a man with a gunshot wound. Medical personnel later transferred the man to the Ventura County Medical Center for additional treatment.

According to police, the suspect and the victim had engaged in an argument. The suspect produced a weapon and shot the man in the chest. The shooting took place in El Rio, just outside of Oxnard. Investigators identified the suspect and obtained search and arrest warrants. During the search of the suspects home, officers located a firearm, ammunition and also “a large quantity of narcotics.”

The suspect does not currently face charges of attempted murder, however he faces charges of assault, and weapons and drug charges. He also faces twelve special allegations, which, if true, could result in extended prison terms. The judge freed the suspect on a $170,000 bond and will return to court on April 5 for matters related to his case.

El Rio Murder Attorney

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Homicide and attempted homicide are very serious charges in the State of California. Despite the governor’s recent moratorium on executions, the death penalty is still very much on the books. The moratorium on executions does not mean that death row prisoners received clemency, or sentence commutations.

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