Arrest in 2012 Oxnard murder case
Arrest in 2012 Oxnard murder case
Police arrested an Oxnard resident last month in connection with a murder that occurred here in 2012. Oxnard police arrested Hugo Sanchez, 25, of Oxnard for the shooting death of Jose Gonzalez in July 2012. Police say that Sanchez also shot Gonzalez’s companion at the same time, but he survived.

Police worked through a number of tips to determine than Sanchez shot the men in an Oxnard neighborhood. According to police, a number of individuals confronted the victims, and then shot them during the altercation. Gonzalez died at the scene. Police believe the assault to be gang-related.

Sanchez faces charges of felony murder and felony attempted murder. A judge set bail for Sanchez at $1,000,000. He will appear in court next in March.

Oxnard murder attorney

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The State of California has not executed any prisoners since 2006, but the death penalty is still alive and well in California. The way California implements the death penalty has generated a lot of controversy, but in November 2016, voters defeated a ballot measure to abolish the death penalty in this state. They also voted to streamline the appeals process to facilitate future executions.

The 10-year gap in conducting executions doesn’t mean that judges no longer apply the state’s death penalty. In fact, between 2010 and 2015, 31 prisoners received the death penalty in Los Angeles County alone. In fact, Los Angeles County uses the death penalty more frequently than in any other county in the United States.

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