Antitrust Trial Underway in San Francisco
Antitrust Trial Underway in San Francisco
Two San Francisco area contractors face charges in a wide ranging antitrust probe of government contractors. The US Attorney in San Francisco is prosecuting another case related to political corruption and bid rigging. This trial focuses on the Hunters Point Shipyard.

The case is related to an investigation of a local man with ties to the Chinese mob. According to prosecutors, the contractors conspired to control bidding on a federal contract. The contract in question was worth more than $5 million.

During the investigation, FBI agents became aware of a much larger conspiracy that involved state government contracts. According to agents, the conspirators agreed to find a cooperative contractor in Southern California to pursue a $5 million state contract.

Prosecutors say that the conspirators put in phony bids for both the state and federal contracting opportunities. Investigators say the conspirators shared information about their bids prior to submitting them. The same contractors placed bids to renovate the Berkeley National Laboratory. In addition, the bidders cooperated with each other to determine who would submit the winning bid.

The contractors did not know that one of the conspirators was an undercover FBI operative. Lawyers for the men say that their companies did not benefit from any collusive agreements. They also suggest that the FBI entrapped their clients in an effort to target other conspirators. One of the conspirators, a political consultant, may have paid city officials for favorable treatment on certain contractor bids.

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