Antitrust Target Gets Two SF Contracts
Antitrust Target Gets Two SF Contracts
The City of San Francisco awarded two city contracts to an embattled San Francisco area contractor. The man faces federal antitrust charges related to bid rigging.

Federal authorities indicted him as part of the sprawling Chow case. FBI investigators say that he colluded with a contracting officer and other contractors to divide up contracting work for the Department of Energy. Investigators say that the man agreed to submit fraudulent bids for renovation work. The conspirators designed the artificially high bid to ensure that another conspirator’s bid won the work.

The San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency awarded two contracts to his firm, following careful scrutiny of the operation. According to the man, he no longer owns an interest in the company, however the company still uses his name. He also says he divested himself of ownership in the company in 2014. The company’s website recently listed him and his wife as company principals. As recently as 2016, he was still promoting his affiliation with the company.

The company describes itself as an advisor that assists disadvantaged businesses in securing contract work. The San Francisco contracts are worth $1.6 million. The SFMTA says its contracting rules do not prohibit working with indicted contractors. If an indictment results in a conviction, the SFMTA would move to modify its existing contracts.

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