Antitrust Sentences Expected in June
Antitrust Sentences Expected in June
Two San Francisco-area contractors will return to federal court next month for sentencing on antitrust violations. A federal jury found Clifton Burch, 50, and Peter McKean, 49, guilty of conspiring to defraud the government. The jury also found the men guilty of conspiring to commit both mail fraud and wire fraud. The case centered on rigging bids for a renovation project at the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory.

According to federal prosecutors, the men – along with a third conspirator – agreed to submit inflated bids. The plan was to allow a fourth contractor to win a Department of Energy contract. In exchange, the men expected to receive payments and also subcontracting work from the winner. The fourth contractor was actually an undercover FBI agent. The third contractor pleaded guilty last year to conspiracy and lying to federal investigators.

The case against the contractors stemmed from an investigation of a Chinatown businessman and alleged racketeer, and a former state senator. The case has already produced a number of guilty pleas and convictions. Additionally, a judge declared a mistrial in the cases of two accused contractors.

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