Antitrust Sentence for Oakland Business Consultant
Antitrust Sentence for Oakland Business Consultant
A business consultant caught up in a wide-ranging Oakland antitrust case will spend one year in federal prison. The man, who is also the son of an Oakland City Councilman, participated in both bribery and bid-rigging schemes.

A jury convicted the man of conspiring to accept bribes and also accepting bribes to provide inside bidding information. The case revolved around federal Veteran’s Administration construction projects in the state.

The man’s co-conspirator in the first scheme worked for the California Department of Veterans Affairs. According to an undercover informant, the men agreed to accept 15% of the developer’s profits on Veteran’s Department projects. The payment would have been in exchange for receiving construction contracts. One of the affected projects was in Ventura County. The other was in West Los Angeles.

In addition, the man also participated in a separate bid-rigging scheme. In that plan, he submitted an artificially high bid for renovation work at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory. The high bid was meant to influence the selection of the winning contractor.

The defendant’s lawyer sought a house arrest sentence, however, the prosecution asked for a 2-year prison sentence. The judge settled on a one-year federal prison sentence. Following completion of his term, the man will also serve three years of supervised release.

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