Antitrust Drug Cases Focus on Price Fixing
Antitrust Drug Cases Focus on Price Fixing
The Attorneys General of 45 states expanded their antitrust case to include 12 more generic drug makers. The states, along with the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico, believe the drug manufacturers fixed prices of generic drugs. The civil action by the states is pending a related criminal investigation by the Department of Justice.

Last month, the states’ group added 12 drug manufacturers to its initial investigation. The Attorney General for the State of Connecticut, the lead plaintiff in the case, says the probe could expand further. The investigation began in 2014 and has been slowed by the federal government’s investigation. Recently, a federal court transferred the states’ consolidated lawsuit from Connecticut to Philadelphia.

Many of the companies under investigation have offices on the East Coast. According to investigators, drug executives routinely gather informally. The state AGs say that such meetings allow the executives to discuss strategy, monitor their competitors and discuss market activity regarding specific drugs. Georgia, Rhode Island, South Dakota, Texas and Wyoming have not joined the suit.

Federal prosecutors have not yet filed criminal charges against individuals, but observers believe that may occur soon. The states’ expanded lawsuit names executives of two companies, Mylan, N.V., and Emcure Pharmaceuticals. It also adds 13 drugs to the list of products subject to price-fixing agreements.

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Antitrust actions can be brought in either civil or criminal courts. They can be federal matters or state matters. In addition, antitrust violations – price-fixing, bid-rigging and market allocation schemes – are highly complex. Because of the nature of price-fixing, prosecutors often file conspiracy charges in criminal cases. When you face antitrust charges, you need the assistance of an experienced antitrust attorney like Robert Helfend.

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