Antitrust charge for former Bloomberg exec
Antitrust charge for former Bloomberg exec
A former Bloomberg LP executive pleaded not guilty to antitrust violations in New York City last month. According to prosecutors, the man headed Bloomberg’s global construction unit.

He will face charges of bid rigging, bribery, money laundering, conspiracy and grand larceny. Prosecutors say the man passed inside information to bidders and subcontractors in exchange for cash. In addition, the man created fake invoices designed to inflate project budgets. The scheme also involved the creation of a fake disadvantaged business.

Prosecutors say the former employee created the scheme to steal from his employer. Former NYC mayor Michael Bloomberg owns the company, but was not aware of the scheme.

Investigators also arrested two other Bloomberg employees, and 11 other individuals, all of whom pleaded not guilty. Prosecutors say that the man created a sham electrical contracting company that bid on and won nearly $250,000 in contracts. According to the indictment, the man directed company executives on how to win binds.

The complicit Bloomberg employees received cash and other kickbacks, including home renovations and other high-value “gifts.” More than a dozen other individuals have already pleaded guilty and repaid nearly $6M in restitution.

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