Antitrust Case Against Allentown Mayor Proceeds
Antitrust Case Against Allentown Mayor Proceeds
Ed Pawlowski, the mayor of Allentown, PA is currently on trial for public corruption and antitrust violations. Federal prosecutors are pursuing a 54-count indictment against Pawlowski, a one-time US Senate hopeful. The charges include bribery, conspiracy and fraud.

Prosecutors say that in his official capacity as Allentown’s mayor, Pawlowski rigged the awarding of city contracts. They also allege that Pawlowski directed city contracts to donors who funded his 2015 run for a US Senate seat. Jurors have heard recordings of Pawlowski making campaign requests to preferred vendors who received lucrative city contracts. Other city officials have testified that the mayor personally directed the award of certain city contracts toward potential donors.

Federal prosecutors have also charged Scott Allinson, as a co-conspirator. Allinson is an attorney working in an Allentown law firm. The federal case rests partly on a year’s worth of secret recordings made by a campaign aide for Pawlowski.

In addition, city officials testified about the mayor’s and city manager’s involvement in a street lighting bid. One public works employee testified that the city manager directed the department to use a “ready-made” RFP that clearly favored one vendor. The former city manager testified earlier that he got the specification from the mayor. The public works employee testified that her department ignored the mayor’s specification and published their own request for proposals. She said that the Public Works employees who worked on the bid then feared for their jobs. They also made an agreement to resign en masse if one of them got fired for not using the mayor’s preferred specification.

A cyber security contract for the city also received additional federal scrutiny. Allentown’s former superintendent of communications said that the contract, which an Israeli firm won, jeopardized the city’s public safety networks. Other secret recordings supported prosecutors’ claims that Pawlowski also gave preferential treatment to a developer who solicited donations on Pawlowski’s behalf.

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