Antitrust Action on Internet Search Algorithms Expected
Antitrust Action on Internet Search Algorithms Expected
The Department of Justice says it intends to prosecute a novel antitrust complaint against certain companies for price fixing. The DOJ claims that some companies used Internet search algorithms to fix prices.

The DOJ’s Antitrust Division head Makan Delrahim made the statements in testimony before a Senate subcommittee last week. He did not detail the DOJ’s case against the companies, or identify the investigation targets. He did indicate that the DOJ’s actions would feature criminal charges.

Delrahim responded to a question by Connecticut senator Richard Blumenthal, who said Internet search engines were not always consumer friendly. Blumenthal indicated that the search engines didn’t always direct consumers to the best options or best prices. Delrahim then acknowledged that companies could collaborate to use search engine algorithms anticompetitively.

He also indicated that the Department of Justice would be bringing such a case to court this month. The DOJ has never before investigated the anticompetitive use of search engines. Search engine companies like Google typically keep their search algorithms secret to frustrate third-party manipulation. Users may only become aware of changes to the algorithm when search engine results change.

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