Antitrust Action on Foreclosures
Antitrust Action on Foreclosures
The Federal Bureau of Investigation has conducted a long-term investigation involving antitrust violations. Currently, the FBI is focused on bid-rigging among participants at foreclosure auctions around the country.

Late last year, the FBI arrested and charged dozens of people in Northern California with bid rigging related to foreclosure auctions in California. Those arrested were accused of conspiring to submit low bids or direct certain properties to certain buyers. In the process, creditors and homeowners were denied the ability to recover the market value of their properties.

The FBI has continued to pursue financial crimes actions against buyers in foreclosure schemes around the country. Currently, several defendants in Atlanta are facing financial crimes charges. According to the Justice Department, participants in Atlanta (including auctioneers), predetermined the outcome of foreclosure auctions, then held side auctions among themselves to determine the final holder of foreclosed properties.

Anti-trust cases in California have raised the specter of illegal wiretaps. According to defense attorneys, the FBI placed illegal recording devices inside and outside of the Alameda County Courthouse to collect evidence against defendants. Attorneys charge that some defendants’ cases are based on evidence collected inside and outside of the courthouse, in vehicles parked next to the courthouse and at nearby transit stops.

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Federal prosecutions are serious. Since 2009, the federal government has increased its enforcement of financial crimes including bid rigging. If you’re arrested for bid rigging or another financial crime, you need the assistance of an experienced antitrust attorney like Robert Helfend.

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