Pistol-Revolver-Fire-12810-lDonna Drive of New Haven, Connecticut is normally a quaint part of town with little for residents to talk about. On August 2, however, it was a different story, as police responded to a shooting at the Donna Drive apartment complex.

Around 8:00 a.m. on Sunday, August 2, a 911 operator received a phone call from a man claiming to have shot someone who was attempting to stab him with a knife. The caller went back to his apartment following the incident to call 911, where he then waited for police to arrive.

When police arrived, they found 23-year-old Leroy Brown laying in the apartment building’s hallway with a gunshot wound to the head. Emergency Medical Service (EMS) professionals placed Brown on a stretcher and transported him to the nearby Yale New Haven Hospital where he remains in critical condition. Brown lives in an apartment complex at Donna Drive with his girlfriend and mother.

The shooter, 71-year-old Anthony Anamasi of 25 Donna Drive, cooperated with police, assisting them in their investigation. Although the investigation is still ongoing, authorities have since charged Anamasi with first-degree assault. Prosecutors may upgrade the charge to manslaughter, however, if Brown’s gunshot wound proves to be fatal. On the other hand, prosecutors may drop the charges altogether if they deem Anamasi fired his weapon in self defense.

The relationship between Anamasi and Brown remains unclear. Charlene Quinn, a long-time neighbor of Anamasi, said the 71-year-old man had always treated him with respect, while watching him being taken into custody.

Following the Sandy Hook Elementary School Shooting, Connecticut passed a series of gun laws — viewed as being some of the most restrictive in the country. With that said, gun ownership remains legal in Connecticut.

He’s always treated me with respect. We don’t have any more problems than any other neighborhood,” said 25-year-resident Charlene Quinn, who lives in an adjacent apartment complex.

It’s also unclear whether or not Brown was holding a knife at the time of the shooting. According to media reports, Anamasi told 911 operators that he had shot someone who was attempting to attack him with a knife. But police have yet to confirm the presence of a knife at the scene. If Brown did not in fact have knife, it could bolster the prosecution’s case against Anamasi. On the other hand, if he did have a knife, the case could turn in the opposite direction with Anamasi having a sound defense for self-protection.

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