2a3f76de0d4af24f5142d686a4a5e4d9_crop_northFormer defensive tackle for the San Francisco 49ers, Ray McDonald, has had new details released on his alleged sexual assault case. The woman who claims the former 49ers star sexually assaulted her told the authorities she was attacked after she had fallen or passed out by the pool at McDonald’s house on Dec. 13th. After hitting her head on the ground, she woke up naked on McDonald’s bed at his Silver Creek home.

McDonald told her later Sunday morning the two had sex. She spent the rest of Sunday at his home drinking with him and fellow San Francisco 49er defensive lineman, Aldon Smith, who has been on probation for drunken driving and possession of three assault rifles.

The woman met McDonald and some of his friends at Willow Den Bar on Lincoln Ave., in San Jose Saturday night. She had been drinking with friends at the bar when she started feeling dizzy after two drinks. She told police she had also been drinking at a friend’s house, and wanted to go home due to her sudden illness. Instead, friends drove her to McDonald’s house in south San Jose.

After she reported the incident to the authorities, a police officer used her phone to communicate with McDonald via text message as if he were her. McDonald responded, “S— just happened. We were just enjoying the moment … I don’t understand why you’re bothered. U chose to stay with me another day.” The officer responded stating McDonald shouldn’t have had sex with her after she was knocked out. McDonald texted back, “I didn’t do anything wrong.”

The investigation of McDonald’s actions that night are ongoing. Upon completion, the police will forward the case to the Santa Clara County District Attorney’s office for review. McDonald has yet to be charged with any crime. Police have seized surveillance tapes from McDonald’s house to see if any clues can be uncovered as to whether the sexual encounter was consensual. Among the other items collected during the investigation were McDonald’s cell phone and his bed sheets. Police are searching for the whereabouts of the victim’s long-sleeved shirt and Michael Kors watch.

McDonald was released by the 49ers citing his pattern of getting into troubled situations. On August 31st, he was investigated for assaulting his pregnant fiancée at his home. Due to unsufficient evidence, no charges were filed against McDonald by the District Attorney’s office.

LadasSuspended Fire Chief, Mark Ladas, of the San Mateo Central County Fire Department, plead not guilty Dec. 4, 2014, to charges that he and his wife committed fraud in a complicated scheme netting them $35,000.

According to the San Mateo District Attorney’s Office, Ladas has been charged with six counts of grand theft, two counts of filing false tax returns, and two counts of tax evasion. He spent the night of Dec. 3rd in jail before his sister posted $80,000 for his release on the afternoon of Thursday the 4th. Ladas was released only after he offered his passport and agreed not to leave the state of California, said Deputy District Attorney Karnen Guidotti.

Ladas was placed on paid administrative leave by the fire district until further notice pending the outcome of his trail. Deputy Chief John Kammeyer was appointed as the acting fire chief in Ladas’s absence.

Ladas’s wife, Peta Ladas, allegedly devised the plan where she would open credit cards using false names along with fictitious businesses, and charge the credit cards to those businesses. She would then move the money to other bank accounts using the phony names.

Peta Ladas had been previously arrested in Dec. of 2012, for the alleged scheme, but was released on $10,000 bail. She fled the country soon after and remains a fugitive. Before fleeing the country, Peta Ladas stayed in a Burlingame hotel where she left her husband’s wallet behind containing his ID and fake credit cards. Investigators later found $35,000 had been deposited into Mark Ladas’s banking account from the fraudulent transaction scheme.

Both Mark and Peta Ladas filed tax returns from 2011 and 2012 that did not claim the additional $35,000 income. Once located, Peta Ladas will face similar charges as her husband. Mark Ladas will appear at his scheduled court date on the 22nd of January. He is also scheduled for a preliminary hearing on February 26, 2014.

Andy-Quach-Pleads-GuiltyAndy Tuan Quach, a Westminster City Councilman, was arrested on suspicion of drunk driving charges last month according to Orange County Sheriff’s records. The 42-year-old Quach, is a Vietnamese immigrant who fled his home country by boat with his family in the 1980s, and has served multiple terms as a city councilman.

This isn’t the first run-in with the law for the Chapman University graduate. In 2009, Quach wrecked his Mercedes Benz into a wall and destroyed electrical poles on McFadden Ave. His blood-alcohol content for the 2009 incident was three times over the legal limit. The damage left over 300 homes in Little Saigon without power, and resulted in probation for Quach.

With the most recent DUI charges, Quach’s vehicle was seen with four Westminster Police Department squad cars observing the scene near an apartment complex entrance across the road from Sarah McGarvin Middle School.  Quach was arrested upon failing a field sobriety test administered after he crashed his vehicle into the gate enclosing the apartment complex. On Nov. 13th, the US Navy veteran presented his plea to the charges after posting his $10,000 bail on Nov. 10th.

Quach is also linked to Little Saigon businessman, Kevin Khanh Tuan Do, who was arrested on extortion charges in August of 2013. Tuan Do pleaded guilty to the charges while Anthony Duong, a Westminster police officer suspected as one of the enforcers in the extortion racket, is awaiting his trial date. Before pleading guilty, Tuan Do failed in his attempt to block evidence from prosecutors regarding his dubious financial and personal dealings with Quach, state Senator Janet Nguyen, and councilman Tyler Diep.

When being booked at the Orange County Jail, Quach reported his occupation being “unemployed,” as recorded by the OCSD office at 3 p.m. on the day he was arrested.