275px-Shonn_Greene_2011Tennessee Titans’ Running Back Shonn Greene was arrested in Franklin — about 20 miles south of Nashville — on multiple charges related to a handicap parking space. Greene now faces a slew of charges, including illegally parking in a handicap space, driving on a suspended license, reckless driving, and resisting to stop for a police officer.

According to USA Today, the incident began when the 29-year-old NFL star parked his vehicle in a handicap space located in a Franklin parking garage last week. A parking officer spotted the illegally parked vehicle, at which point Greene allegedly got behind the wheel and drove around the officer’s car.

Police say that Greene nearly hit the parking officer’s car as he fled the scene. When police caught up to him at a red light, he allegedly sped off again.

After checking surveillance footage and running Greene’s license plate through their database, police identified Shonn Greene as the suspect. Franklin police contacted the Tennessee Titans directly, informing them of the incident. The team convinced Greene to turn himself, at which point the running back was booked into the Franklin county jail late Friday night. After posting a $2,000 bond, Greene was released.

It’s important to note that the parking attendant whom first approached Greene was not a police officer. However,

Franklin Police Department Sergeant Charles Warner released a statement Greene’s arrest was unnecessary, and that the incident could have been avoided if Greene parked in a non-handicap space.

The entire situation could have been avoided if he would have left that handicap space for who is was intended for. The fact that he didn’t and got caught being parked there, he could have stopped things from going any further than a parking ticket if he would have simply communicated with the parking enforcement officer and not taken such evasive measures to get away from her, increasing the seriousness of what would have been a simple parking ticket.”

It’s important to note that the parking attendant whom first approached Greene was not a police officer. However, Charles Warner said that “certain laws apply to her and her authority.”

Greene has played five games thus far in the 2014-2015 NFL season. His stats for the season include 190 rushing yards and 1 touchdown on 44 carries. There’s been no official response by the Tennessee Titans regarding Greene’s arrest.

marriage_love_wedding_265659_lA South Carolina wedding celebration led to the arrests of three people when a groomsman was reportedly jumped by two men. 35-year-old Justin McKeithan and his girlfriend were celebrating the marriage of their friends at Red’s Ice House in Sham Creek — just outside Charleston. As McKeithan was leaving the bar, he was allegedly attacked by two assailants.

The two attackers — identified as 41-year-old Leo Garcia of Wedgefield and 34-year-old Nathan Rivers of Sumter, began punching and kicking McKeithan. However, the attackers didn’t know that McKeithan was carrying a knife, which he pulled out to defend himself. Police records indicate that Garcia received a non-life-threatening puncture to his side, and Rivers sustained a non-life-threatening laceration to his arm.

During the altercation, a school teacher from Charleston, Kurt Kohler, stepped in to help whom he believed was the victim. The 28-year-old school teacher told reporters that he saw two men beating up on another man, at which point he felt compelled to help. While he was trying to break up the fight, however, Kohler received a deep one-inch cut on his knuckles. “I ran to see what was happening, and I saw one guy getting mugged,” Kohler said. “He was on his back with two guys on top of him.” “After that, I don’t know what happened.”

Investigators are still trying to determine exactly who’s responsible for this bloody incident. According to Police Inspector Chip Googe, all three of the men were carrying knives and using them on one another. The chaotic crime scene paired with uncooperative witnesses added a barrier of difficulty to the jobs of investigators.

“Rivers, Garcia and McKeithan had been stabbing each other, according to arrest affidavits, but who exactly was responsible for each other’s wounds was not clear. All of them were arrested based on Kohler’s injury and were said to have been seen carrying knives earlier that evening, the court documents stated,” wrote The Post and Courier.

Garcia, Rivers, and McKeithan have all been charged with attempted murder. Live 5 News reports that Garcia and Rivers are currently being held in the Charleston County Detention Center on $100 bond. McKeithan, the man who was allegedly attacked during the incident, was released from jail after posting $200,000 bond.

McKeithan was arrested several years ago for stabbing his girlfriend’s boyfriend. He was sentenced to 35 to 51 months in prison and was released in March 2013.

horse-statue-01Police have arrested a man from Near West Side, Chicago for allegedly vandalizing a police memorial statue on Michigan Avenue in Streeterville. 25-year-old Darius Moss was charged with three counts of criminal damage to property.

Authorities were notified of the vandalism late Friday night, when a witness called in to report the incident. The witness told the 911 operator that a person had climbed atop the police horse statue and was damaging it. When police arrived, Moss was still on one of the horse statues. Officers took him into custody without incident, charging him with the three counts previously mentioned.

Moss allegedly broke off the two wings connected to each side of the fiberglass horse. According to the police report, the police memorial statues have signs clearly marked which prohibit trespassing and climbing. Moss told investigators that he climbed on the horse to take pictures, and that any damage done to the horse was accidental. Police obtained video surveillance footage of the memorial site for evidence. It’s unknown at this time whether or not Moss was caught on tape vandalizing the horse statue.

The damaged horse is one of 29 in the Chicago Police Memorial Foundation’s “Horses for Honor” campaign. The life-size horses honor officers who were killed or critically injured in the line of duty, with the recently vandalized horse honoring  Lt. Patrick McGann, who was killed on July 13, 1977 when responding to a burglary report. The Chicago Police Memorial Foundation plans to auction off the horse statues at the end of the exhibit.

Throughout the duration of the memorial exhibit, police will be selling sponsorships for the various horses. To learn more about the Horses for Honor campaign and how you can sponsor one, visit http://www.cpdmemorial.org/horses-of-honor-campaign/. The campaign will end this December, at which point all of the horses will be auctioned off.

The Horses of Honor is a public art installation in Chicago benefiting the Chicago Police Memorial Foundation. This project features lifesize statues of Chicago’s Police Horses that are artistically and individually produced and designed by local Chicago artists. From September until November 2014 these public art pieces will be on display in prominent locations throughout the City, such as Michigan Avenue and the airports, to honor the lives of our fallen heroes of the Chicago Police Department,” wrote the Chicago Police Memorial Foundation on its website.

Police records indicate that Moss’ first court hearing is Monday.

nails-012A man from Eagen, Minnesota was arrested and charged with a felony count of first-degree criminal property damage for allegedly flushing nails down the toilet.

Police say 38-year-old Nicholas Mullenmaster intentionally flushed “pounds” of nails down the toilets of several local businesses in the Eagen area, including Starbucks, Subway, Leann Chin, and a train station. Of course, you don’t need any professional plumbing training to know that nails aren’t flushable. Authorities attribute thousands of dollars worth of damage to the flushed nails, as they tore up the connected sewer systems.

The case began back in August, when nails were found in the sewer lines of a Subway restaurant on three separate occasions. On the third incident, a white middle-aged male was spotted on video surveillance entering and leaving the restroom. When a man matching this description returned to the Subway restaurant, the manager called police.  The police questioned Mullenmaster, who denied allegations of flushing nails down the toilet. Without enough credible evidence, police were unable to arrest Mullenmaster at the time.

On September 3, police were dispatched to the Eagan transit station when nails were once again reportedly flushed down the toilet. After viewing video surveillance, they noticed a man matching Mullenmaster’s description entering and staying in the restroom for approximately 6 hours. Police also discovered a piece of mail in Nicholas Mullenmaster’s name when combing the area for evidence. Several weeks later, police were dispatched to a Starbucks where Mullenmaster was a regular customer. The Starbucks experienced an extensive flooding and was forced to close for three hours as a result of nails being flushed down the toilet.

The following day, police found Mullenmaster in the bathroom of a Leeann Chin. According to the store’s manager, police officers “listened by the door and heard metallic sounds hitting porcelain or tiled surface as well as the toilet flushing.” When Mullenmaster emerged from the restroom, police questioned him about the bag he was carrying. The bag reportedly made a metallic “clanking” sound, and officers discovered silver three-inch nails along with a receipt for one pound of nails from Home Depot. The nails are believed to be the same type used in connection with the sewer pipe damage at the Starbucks.

Mullenmaster is currently being held at the Dakota County Jail. A trial date has yet to be announced. Mullenmaster has previous charges of violating a harassment order, disorderly conduct, and two counts of trespass.

file000474017372Police have arrested a man wanted in the disappearance of a Pulaski County real estate agent.

The Pulaski County Sheriff’s office confirmed that 33-year-old Aaron Michael Lewis was taken into custody on suspicion of kidnapping Crye-Leike Realtor Beverly Carter. Police had issued Lewis’ picture and description to local news agencies, at which point they received a call from someone who claimed to have seen a person matching Lewis’ description at a Subway shop in West Little Rock.

After receiving the tip to Lewis’ whereabouts, Pulaski County officers immediately combed the area and took Lewis into custody without incident. “Little Rock officers pursued him and eventually apprehended him,” said Pulaski County Sheriff Doc Holladay. “We’ll have him as long as we need to determine what we can from him to lead us to locating Mrs. Carter, which is our primary goal,” he added.

Holladay noted that the Lonoke County police department, the Arkansas State Police, the Arkansas National Guard and several other local agencies were brought in to assist in the search for Beverly Carter.

Police say Lewis was involved in an automobile accident on Sunday. However, he escaped and fled the hospital shortly before the arrest warrant was issued. This led police on a massive manhunt to find Lewis. Thanks to a tip from a bystander, they were able to pinpoint his location and bring him into custody.

It’s unknown what connection Lewis has to Beverly Carter. Police say Carter was scheduled to show a house on Thursday night but never arrived. Investigators have been reluctant to provide information regarding why they believe Lewis may have played a role in Carter’s disappearance. Their current primary objective at this time is to find Carter so they can work to put the puzzle pieces together. Lewis is currently on parole for convictions in Arkansas.

The Little Rock blog Forbidden Hillcrest (FH) published the following statement on its Facebook page:

FH reader Adam Nash tells me that he pulled his car up in front of Razor Vapors (near Grumpy’s in WLR) to find Aaron standing right in front of his car. Adam called the police and followed Aaron who then pulled a knife on him but soon fled again. Adam tells me that police found Aaron hiding in a closet in the office of Pleasant Pointe Apartments.”